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Voice Lessons

Washington, DC

I have been training voice students and professional singers in a variety of musical genres for nearly 20 years.  I teach the principles of the Swedish and Italian schools of singing, taught to me by David Jones.  


Students learn to sing freely and joyfully in a positive, encouraging studio environment.  Our studio includes full-time professional musicians, college music majors and post-graduates, and avocational singers alike.


I have extensive experience and success with singers suffering from vocal injuries and/or vocal health challenges, registration breaks, and/or lack of tone clarity. I have helped students avoid vocal surgery and increase the strength and comfort of their phonation. Singers do not have to live with discomfort or difficult phonation.


The hour-long lesson fee is $90. Lessons are scheduled Tuesdays - Fridays between 9:00 and 5:15.

If you are having vocal difficulties and cannot pay the full lesson fee, accommodations are available. Finances should not be a barrier to healthy vocal function.


Washington, DC

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